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Put your attention and memory to the test in the P. King's Memory Game! Meet P. King, Wombat, and many other of his friends by turning all the cards! Also, do you think you can remember each one's position? Let's see how well you will perform! Enter P. King's world and remember each card's position. Your main job is to match the pairs until you have none left! Do you think your memory can handle this challenge? Or will attention fail you, and you will stop this task early? It's time to start and find the answer! How to play the game Luckily, the game's controls are pretty easy! Use your mouse to click on the cards to reveal each one. See? Pretty straightforward, right? The most important tool here is your memory, so make sure it is as sharp as possible! With a bit of practice, you will see that everything will be a piece of cake! Your goal is to match all the cards together! For every level, you will have a timer to complete it! If the time runs out and you do not pair all the characters, you will have to start all over! Also, as you pair more cards in a row, you will build a combo that will boost your final score! The game will become harder and harder as you progress, so from the only two pairs you will start with, who knows where you will end up! So you will need to get used to every new level as you go on. The faster you adapt, the better you're going to perform! Are you ready to put your memory to the test and match all the cards? Let's start the challenge and meet P. King and his friends. They are all waiting to see how far you will get!